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Pushkhee Tzadaka Offering

GIVE BLESSINGS to Mr.Vance of YHWHY ::: Pushkhee Tzadaka Offering Box This servant has great financial needs and expenses in bringing “the GOOD NEWS” to the communities of Hells Canyon on the Snake River, & to The descendants of Abraham, Yitzach, Yockov ( YAHshraEL Israel ) & ALL the nations (Gentiles) Invite your friends to !!! Thank you for your support in keeping this MESSAGE FREE of any charge

Hells Canyon Earths Deepest Canyon photo by Mr.Vance of YHWHY

Click here to Donate to : YAHweh is Blessed, and YOU in return 1000 fold. SHALOM ELECHEM

Call  509-254-1706 if YOU have a blessing for YHWHY

or a question or even many questions – please call in His LOVE

“PLEASE DO SHARE all free audio messages with all your social network friends. Each week new SCRIPTURES will bounce in, featured messages will have limited time to down load for free and will change the next day, so return often ( Ctrl + B) and bookmark. ”

Please DO NOT copy  photographs published by  These IMAGES have been generously donated By Mr. J.G.Vance { YAH’hanon}  of (c) YHWHY .  Mr.Vance has served The Heavenly Father by photographing majestic rocks, touched by the destructive force that happened at the time of NOAH’s flood

All Mp3 audio recordings of THE SCRIPTURES are free to download. Please DO enjoy listening to the ALL the ADVENTURES share

Thank you so much for your support. 

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