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The parable of the Prodigal (wasteful) Son

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Joseph Willis5 days ago

The Prodigal Son Is Waking Up Many are being restored to the Covenant of kindness since 2008-2009, and Yahusha is sending shepherds to teach us according to His will (YirmeYahu 3:15) in order for many to be restored to favor (2 Kor. 5:20, Acts 3:21, Dan. 12:3). The parable of the Prodigal (wasteful) Son illustrates what we are experiencing here in the last days. The journey back into the Covenant for those waking-up involves standing up and walking away from the pig pen of false teachings, and hearing only the voice of the Good Shepherd calling for them to return to “His Ancient Paths.” The Bread of Life (Yahusha) is the Word of YaH (The Truth), and if we will abide in it we will continue in His love. If we know Him, we will Obey His Commandments. If we love Him, we also will Obey His Commandments, and His Commandments are not difficult. They train us how to love Him, and how to love our neighbor. At His return, Yahusha will regather us from all the places where we have been scattered. For now, we are to lead many to righteousness, because the purpose we were put here, is that we are to announce the coming of the reign of Yahusha, and that Name is being used to turn the world upside down!

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